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Codex EU Energy Law book

Editor(s): Deketelaere, Kurt

758 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-184-2, engl., Paperback, 2012

68,00 *)

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This Codex EU Energy Law brings together the most important, presently applicable, legislation on energy, as adopted by the EU. The legislation has been booming in recent years, after decades of very limited European activity in the field, with the exception of coal and nuclear. Several drivers explain this increase: the liberalisation of the European gas and electricity markets, the awareness to...

The Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability: Climate Change, Innovation and the Optimal Instrument Mix book

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

184 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-135-4, engl., Paperback, 2010

46,00 *)

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Since 2004, the Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ has brought together practitioners and policy makers from countries worldwide to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion on practical solutions to problems of energy law. The fifth annual Summer Academy focuses on ‘The Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability’. As is evident through the sheer scope of the articles presented and repr...

Rechtsprechung und Mietrecht book

Auswirkungen höchstrichterlicher Rechtsprechung auf die Verwalterpraxis

Editor(s): Evangelisches Siedlungswerk in Deutschland e.V.

230 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93980-413-0, ger., Paperback, 2007

49,80 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Nicht selten bringt die Rechtsprechung zum Teil spürbare wirtschaftliche Konsequenzen für den Verwalter und den Immobilieneigentümer mit sich. Besonders deutlich wird dies im Bereich der Rechtsprechung zu Schönheitsreparaturen und Betriebskosten. Aber auch weitere Fragen wie die Konsequenzen des Allgemeinen Gleichbehandlungsgesetzes für den Immobilienverwalter, Fragen zur Räumungsvollstreckung, zu...

Environmental Policy Instruments in Liberalized Energy Markets book

Proceedings of the Summer Academy 'Energy and the Environment' Greifswald, 5-17 July 2004

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

300 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93623-258-5, engl., Paperback, 2006

27,80 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Starting from an international, interdisciplinary and integrative perspective, the Summer Academy “Energy and the Environment” aims at elaborating and discussing different approaches to a sustainable supply of energy. Aside from traditional themes of environmental policy, such as the conservation of natural resources and a sectoral focus, attention is increasingly converging on the prevention of g...

Food Online book

PhD thesis on food legal and civil law requirements for digital contracts regarding food purchases by consumers in the Netherlands

Editor(s): van der Veer, Lomme

162 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-310-5, engl., Paperback, 2017

32,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

In this thesis the research focuses on the legal rules and regulations in the Netherlands that apply in the context of food purchases by consumers that are concluded online. Sale of food via the Internet takes place in the area of Civil Code requirements on distance selling and public law requirements on food labelling. In four research Chapters (chapters 2-5) the relevant topics are addressed....

State Aid Uncovered book

Critical Analysis of Developments in State Aid 2016

Nicolaides, Phedon

296 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-301-3, engl., Paperback, 2017

24,95 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

This fourth volume of State Aid Uncovered reviews the main developments in the field of State aid in 2016. The past 12 months have been full of surprising twists and turns in the evolution of the concept of State aid and in the conditions under which aid is compatible with the internal market. The Commission has published its much awaited Notice on the Notion of State aid and announced a major new...

Milestones in State Aid Case Law book

EStAL’s First 15 Years in Perspective

Buts, Caroline; José Luis, Buendía Sierra

Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-312-9, engl., Paperback, 2017

128,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

This edited volume celebrates the 15th anniversary of the European State Aid Law Quarterly. For this occasion, we offer an overview of the most cited State aid judgements and discuss their importance. When available, the original annotation (published in the European State Aid Law Quarterly) is provided as well as a current reflection. The re-annotations and articles focus on the meaning of the ju...

Between Theory and Practice : Putting Climate Policy to work book

Vol.1 of the proceedings of the Summer Academy 'Energy and the Environment' Greifswald, 16-29 July 2006

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

143 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93980-436-9, engl., Paperback, 2008

36,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

This volume closely reflects the international, interdisciplinary and integrative conception of the Summer Academy "Energy and the Environment". In the third year of its existence, participants contributed a remarkable number of excellent contributions, necessitating publication in two separate volumes. The first part of this present volume explores challenges currently faced under the flexibility...

Risk Assessment and Management for Environmental Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa book

Editor(s): Albrecht, Eike; Egute, Terence Onang; Forbid, Georg Teke

223 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-160-6, engl., Paperback, 2011

48,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Global environmental challenges such as deforestation, desertification, biodiversity loss soil erosion, inadequate waste management, water pollution and climate change facing especially Sub-Saharan Africa have catalysed increasing need for participatory academic discourse on probable causes, impacts and robust mitigation mechanisms. It is against this backdrop that the Brandenburg University of Te...