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European Competition Law in a Nutshell book

A Concise Guide

Koenig, Christian; Schreiber, Kristina; Dennis, Sandra

246 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-158-3, engl., Hardback, 2011

58,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

The legal foundations of Competition Law in the European Union are modest, with only nine articles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union setting out the basis. Alongside this primary legislation, the detailed application of European Competition rules and regulations continues to be shaped by secondary legislation and extensive case law. European Competition Law: A Concise Guide in...

Intimate Brussels book

Living amongst Eurocrats

Leidenfrost, Martin
Translators: Stiberg, Carolina

250 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-156-9, engl., Hardback, 2011

19,80 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

In Brussels, tens of thousands are defining regulations for five hundred million. Civil servants, lob by ists, representatives, assistants, politicians, interns. They negotiate seventy percent of our laws, but we do not know their faces. For one year, Martin Leidenfrost explored Europe’s capital and wrote fifty personal – tender, alienated, mischievous – portraits. When he could not bear the Euroc...

Enforcement of EU State Aid Law at national level 2010 book

Reports from the 27 Member States

Derenne, Jacques; Müller-Rappard, Alix; Kaczmarek, Cédric

363 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-025-8, engl., Hardback, 2010

159,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

This book provides an essential overview of how EU State aid rules are applied in practice by national courts across the 27 Member States. Revised in 2010, it is based on the update of the Commission Study on Enforcement of State Aid Law at National Level conducted by Hogan Lovells in 2009 and on an analysis of more than 660 cases. The book is made up of 27 national reports, in which the relevant...

Improving the Clean Development Mechanism book

Options and Challenges Post-2012

Editor(s): Mehling, Michael; Merrill, Amy; Upston-Hooper, Karl

291 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-023-4, engl., Hardback, 2011

128,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

With a substantial project pipeline and more than 500 million Certified Emission Reductions issued to date, the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has rapidly become a central pillar of the international carbon market. While this success testifies to its appeal for investors and project developers, growing criticism has been directed against a number of perceived shortcomings, from disappointing en...

Twists of Fate book

A Hamburg Family 1904 - 1941

Sanders, Ernest

99 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-122-4, engl., Hardback, 2009

16,80 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Paul Salomon was a successful Hamburg bank manager – until 1933. He had become prosperous within a few years, bought a handsome house in Harvestehude and was able to afford his children a carefree youth – almost. With this book, his son Ernest H. Sanders, who emigrated to New York in 1938, gives an account of the rise and fall of his family in Germany. The stealthy transformation from a “normal” c...

Economic Analysis of State Aid Rules -Contributions and Limits- book

Proceedings of the third annual conference of the Global Competition Law Centre (GCLC), College of Europe, 21- 22 September 2006

Editor(s): Derenne, Jacques; Merola, Massimo

220 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93980-434-5, engl., Hardback, 2007

98,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

"This book makes an important contribution to the growing corpus of State aid economics. In assessing a wide span of State aid issues, including frameworks and justifications for economic analysis in State aid, and the work and policies of the European Commission, it provides a firm foundation for the growth of the discipline of State aid economics, and offers valuable food for thought on State ai...

The Survival of an Incorrigible Optimist book

From Fascist Persecution to the Battlefields of Palestine

Paldon, Leslie; Walter, Marie

346 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-259-7, engl., Hardback, 2014

24,90 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Peeping into the night between the planks of a cattle wagon’s door, young László Popper wondered with anxiety where the train, driving at full speed across the Hungarian countryside, was taking him. Over the course of World War II, there were numerous occasions for his life to find a premature ending. Helped by courageous friends, warm-hearted strangers and an uncommon amount of luck, he endured p...

Advertising Food in Europe book

A Comparative Law Analysis

Editor(s): Mahy, Aude

426 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-249-8, engl., Hardback, 2014

159,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

A large number of food law matters are differently handled by the various national jurisdictions within and outside of the European Union. This edited volume presents the various national approaches on how foodstuffs ought to be successfully marketed across the European Economic Area. Following a same framework, experienced food lawyers provide practical solutions and handy insight on the thornies...

Health & Nutrition Claims book

Commentary on the Health Claims Regulation

Meisterernst, Andreas; Haber, Bernd

433 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-133-0, engl., Hardback, 2010

128,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

The influence of the regulation on health and nutrition claims on the law on food advertising, on product development work in food enterprises, on the advertising industry, foodstuff monitoring and on nutrition science, cannot be overestimated. The book comments on the regulation article by article giving an explanation for all the relevant terms, concepts of the law and consequences for practice.... book

The Directory for Brussels

Editor(s): Schwalba-Hoth, Frank

976 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-137-8, engl., Hardback, 2011

89,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

As European capital of interaction and decision making, Brussels is home to tens of thousands of civil servants, representatives of businesses, civil society and governments. – The Directory for Brussels lists all of these stakeholders in a comprehensive, well-structured and user-friendly way. It provides more than 16,000 names and addresses of decision-makers in the EU institutions...