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'Unbequeme' Wahrheit book

Reichsgottesdienst auf Hiddensee 1933 – 1945 · Band II. Die Diskussion um Arnold Gustavs

Gustavs, Owe

106 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-246-7, ger., Paperback, 2014

9,90 *)

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In der 2007 erschienenen Dokumentation Reichsgottesdienst auf Hiddensee 1933 – 1945 hat Owe Gustavs am Beispiel seines Großvaters, des von 1903 bis 1948 amtierenden Hiddenseer Pastors Arnold Gustavs, Art und Ausmaß des Zusammenwirkens (pommerscher) Landpastoren mit dem nationalsozialistischen Regime aufgezeigt. Owe Gustavs vertrat darin kirchenkritische Thesen, die in der Folgezeit angefochten und...

Opportunities and Drivers on the Way to a Low Carbon Society book

Proceedings of the Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’; Guilford, Surrey and London 24 – 29 July 2011

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

154 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-152-1, engl., Paperback, 2013

38,00 *)

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Climate change, financial crises and the depletion of fossil fuels are all symptoms of an increasingly apparent cause: The ultimately unsustainable nature of our current model of consumption, production and overall society. As countries around the globe are committing to greener practices and policies, the issue of sustainability has become a standard point on the agenda of policy-makers. Although...

Codex EU Energy Law book

Editor(s): Deketelaere, Kurt

758 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-184-2, engl., Paperback, 2012

68,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

This Codex EU Energy Law brings together the most important, presently applicable, legislation on energy, as adopted by the EU. The legislation has been booming in recent years, after decades of very limited European activity in the field, with the exception of coal and nuclear. Several drivers explain this increase: the liberalisation of the European gas and electricity markets, the awareness to...

Risk Assessment and Management for Environmental Protection in Sub-Saharan Africa book

Editor(s): Albrecht, Eike; Egute, Terence Onang; Forbid, Georg Teke

223 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-160-6, engl., Paperback, 2011

48,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Global environmental challenges such as deforestation, desertification, biodiversity loss soil erosion, inadequate waste management, water pollution and climate change facing especially Sub-Saharan Africa have catalysed increasing need for participatory academic discourse on probable causes, impacts and robust mitigation mechanisms. It is against this backdrop that the Brandenburg University of Te...

Städtebauliche Verträge und Vergaberecht book

Symposium des Zentralinstituts für Raumplanung an der Universität Münster am 24. Juni 2009

Jarass, Hans D
Editor(s): Jarass, Hans D

90 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-129-3, ger., Paperback, 2010

21,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Art. 12 der Seveso II-Richtlinie (96/82/EG) verpflichtet die Mitgliedstaaten, dafür Sorge zu tragen, dass zwischen gefährlichen Anlagen und Wohngebieten ein ausreichender Abstand gewahrt bleibt. In Deutschland wurde zur Umsetzung dieser Vorgabe § 50 S. 1 BImSchG, der bis dahin lediglich eine frühzeitige Berücksichtigung der Belange des Immissionsschutzes bei der räumlichen Planung sicherstellen so...

Bridging the Divide in Global Climate Policy: Strategies for Enhanced Participation and Integration book

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

202 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-112-5, engl., Paperback, 2009

49,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

While climate change is a global challenge facing all humankind, every attempt to negotiate a common response has been fraught with division – a rift born out of the widely divergent interests of nation states and regions engaged in multilateral diplomacy. Still, as our understanding of the climate threat improves and lends substance to an increasingly urgent call for action, traditional dividing...

The Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability: Climate Change, Innovation and the Optimal Instrument Mix book

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

184 Pages, ISBN 978-3-86965-135-4, engl., Paperback, 2010

46,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Since 2004, the Summer Academy ‘Energy and the Environment’ has brought together practitioners and policy makers from countries worldwide to engage in an interdisciplinary discussion on practical solutions to problems of energy law. The fifth annual Summer Academy focuses on ‘The Paradigm Shift towards Energy Sustainability’. As is evident through the sheer scope of the articles presented and repr...

Steuerverfassungstheorie book

Thiesen, Thomas
Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

462 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93980-438-3, ger., Paperback, 2008

88,00 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Schritt für Schritt entwickelt der Autor dieses Werkes eine differenzierte Steuerverfassungstheorie. Diese verknüpft die materiellen Prinzipien der Gleichheit, Freiheit und offenen Sozialstaatlichkeit mit der prozeduralen Steuergerechtigkeit. Als Basis dienen das Regel-Prinzipien-Modell und eine neue, realistische Version der Diskurstheorie des Rechts. Das Steuerrecht erweist sich als Gestaltungsi...

Environmental Policy Instruments in Liberalized Energy Markets book

Proceedings of the Summer Academy 'Energy and the Environment' Greifswald, 5-17 July 2004

Editor(s): Rodi, Michael

300 Pages, ISBN 978-3-93623-258-5, engl., Paperback, 2006

27,80 *)

*) incl. German VAT, plus Shipping Costs, Delivery Time

Starting from an international, interdisciplinary and integrative perspective, the Summer Academy “Energy and the Environment” aims at elaborating and discussing different approaches to a sustainable supply of energy. Aside from traditional themes of environmental policy, such as the conservation of natural resources and a sectoral focus, attention is increasingly converging on the prevention of g...